Aromatherapy is my thing. I love sharing my knowledge of essential oils as well as creating custom products.  

I’m a (tired) Mom, who tried virtually everything to get my son to sleep and keep him healthy during cold and flu season. And then I found essential oils.

Before I created Victoria’s Botanicals (Natural Goodness, LLC), I had a heck of  time getting my son to sleep. Every night was a struggle. Then I tried essential oils. And, things got better. Now I won’t tell you that every night he goes sleeps right off the bat, but it’s a vast improvement.


After studying aromatherapy and becoming  certified aromatherapist, I noticed that many aromatherapy products are complicated. Which oil do you use for this issue or that issue? Is it diluted? Do I have to dilute it myself? And what’s the right dilution? What’s safe for kids? There’s a LOT involved.

I set out to create the most awesome essential oil blends, sourced form small producers and ethical suppliers, that are easy to use. I hope that you love my products as much as I do.

Looking for something specific? Maybe you want a custom blend? Check out my Custom Aromatherapy page. I would love to help you create something amazing…  made just for you.