Aromatherapy is my thing. I love sharing my knowledge of essential oils as well as creating custom products.  

I’m a (tired) Mom, who tried virtually everything to get my son to sleep and keep him healthy during cold and flu season. And then I found essential oils.

Before I created Victoria’s Botanicals (Natural Goodness, LLC), I had a heck of  time getting my son to sleep. Every night was a struggle. Then I tried essential oils. And, things got better. Now I won’t tell you that every night he goes sleeps right off the bat, but it’s a vast improvement.


After studying aromatherapy and becoming  certified aromatherapist, I noticed that many aromatherapy products are complicated. Which oil do you use for this issue or that issue? Is it diluted? Do I have to dilute it myself? And what’s the right dilution? What’s safe for kids? There’s a LOT involved.

I set out to create the most awesome essential oil blends, sourced form small producers and ethical suppliers, that are easy to use. I hope that you love my products as much as I do.

I get asked all the time if I’m associated with an MLM. The short answer is no. I’ve always been more of the independent type; I really like doing my own thing. And, I like to work with small producers who produce quality awesome smelling oils (no mass produced mediocre oils here). If we’re going to use oils, let’s use the really awesome oils, right?

Looking for something specific? Maybe you want a custom blend? Check out my Custom Aromatherapy page. I would love to help you create something amazing…  made just for you.