Summertime Survival Kit


I love summer, but there are some things about summer that I’m not too crazy about.

1) Bugs – they love me. I have learned that mosquitos love type O blood type. I’m O positive. I knew there had to be a scientific reason whey those dang bugs were after me.

2) My child who normally does’t sleep well has an even harder time going to sleep. Here in the Pacific North West, it stays light out until almost 10 PM. So, basically, if you’re putting your kid to bed at 9, there will most likely be some neighborhood kids out and about and you’ll have to explain to them why they aren’t out and about, too.

3)  It can get too hot. Boo hoo for me – I just need to take the good with the bad. I’m going to miss it in December.

And while I can’t do anything about #1 or #2, I can do something about item #3. I can do something about the first two. For the first time ever I’m offering a summertime bundle.


Product Description

I’ve included a Sleepy Nights essential oil roller bottle, a Summertime Blend of the month and a Stop Bugging me bug body oil.


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